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ABE-4.0-1300 (60T) expanded metal machine
Composition of machine:
  The expanded metal mesh machine is composed of main machine frame, driving system, crankshaft, upper blade frame(movable frame), down blade frame, feeding device, material moving device, lubrication system and electric control cabinet.
mesh out of the expanded metal mesh machine

Front view of the metal expander

Mesh out part of the metal expander

Steel plate feed-in Side of the metal expander

Side view of the metal expander when the mesh out of the machine

Standard metal mesh machine

Layput of expanded metal mesh machine:
Main technical parameters:
  Model: ABE-4-1300
Material: low carbon steel
Max. width: 1300mm;
Max. Thickness of steel: 4.0mm;
Expanding speed: 85 strokes/minute;
Motor power: 11KW;
Expanding force: 60T;
Overall size of machine(L*W*H): 2500*1400*2150mm
Machine weight: 4.7 tons
Typical Mesh size: LWD*SWD=25*50mm material: DC53 or according to customer’s demand
Typical expanded metal mesh:
Typical application of expanded metal mesh:
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