• ABE-GS6.3-600 High Speed Expanded Metal Machine

  • 01. What is expanded metal mesh?
  • Expanded Metal mesh is traditionally seen as a metal material with diamond shaped holes. Expanded Metal is produced by an expanding machine, which uses a pressured slitting and stretching process to transform solid metal sheets and coils into expanded mesh. Most types of metal, including precious and specially produced metals, can be expanded.
  • 02.Expanded metal mesh production process
  • 1. Sheets or coils or metal are fed into the expanding machine. A little metal can create a lot of mesh, adding value and saving resources and money.
    2. Each machine is fitted with a unique "Knife", dedicated to a particular pattern. New patterns and knives can be created in-house for specific applications.
    3. The machines are then programmed or manually controlled to ensure the metal is expanded to the exact specification. Rigorous quality checks are carried out to ensure product consistency throughout the expanding process.
    4. Using the unique shearing and stretching process means very little waste is created. the metal is sheared and then stretched in a single process creating the apertures and therefore expanding the metal. The mesh is then either cut into sheets or wound onto coils ready for shipping or further processing.
  • 03.Main technical parameters
  • Model: ABE-GS6.3-600
    Expanding force: 6.3T
    Max. Coil width: 600mm
    Thickness of steel coil(mild steel): Max. 1.0mm
    Expanding speed: Max. 500 strokes/minute
    Main Motor power: 4KW
    Power of servo motor: 2.0kw
    Overall size of machine(L*W*H): 2130*1010*1610mm
    Machine weight: about 1.6 tons
    Air pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPA
    Controlled by PLC + touch screen; Length calculate + automatic cutting