• Mechanical mesh welding machine

Mechanical mesh welding machine

Mechanical mesh welding machine

Mesh welded machine

Mesh welded machine

Mesh shearing machine

Mesh shearing machine

Wire pay-off

Wire pay-off

Mechanical wire straightening and cutting machine

Mechanical wire straightening and cutting machine

  • 01. Description of mechanical welded mesh machine
  • Mechanical welding machine production line includes Wire pay-off, welded mesh machine,mesh shearing machine,wire straightening and cutting machine, electric cabinet and so on.The line wire contains 12 pcs of wire pay off for feeding the wire,Cross wire is pre-cut by mechanical or pneumatic straightening and cutting machine .The iron wire was made mesh through the welding machine,then it enter the mesh shearing machine,to be cut to length.This welding machine is mainly used for the resistance point (pressure) welding function of longitudinal bar and transverse bar, continuous out of the screen. This production line is mainly aimed at the function of the welding line with a diameter of 3.0~ 5.0mm for cold-drawn light round low-carbon steel mesh.
    This production line needs 2-3 staff: 1-2 staff will be arranged at the releasing device, responsible for checking the consumption of raw materials and completing the loading work, and 1 staff will be arranged at the unloading place, to place the rolled network coil into the finished product area.
  • 02. Wire pay-off
  • The wire pay-off is composed of a basis, a pay-off axle base and a pay-off spool axle. The entire laying-out area is composed of 12 feeding trays. The feeding rack is used to hold the line wire coil material and has the function of passively rotating the discharging material. It can work normally as long as the inner hole of the coil is passed through the feeding rack.
    Inside and outside diameter of feeding tray: 425×800mm, bearing 160kg-200Kg.
  • 03. Mesh welded machine
  • SN




    Mesh width



    Welded diameter

    Φ3.0 ~5.0mm


    Line wire diameter

    Min 100mm


    Cross wire diameter



    Feeding way

    Line wire



    Cross line

    Pre-cut,fixed length feeding


    No. Of welding heads

    11 pcs


    Welding speed

    ≤40-50 strokes/min


    Welding pressure

    2510 ~ 4020N Stepless Adjustable

  • 04. Mesh shearing machine
  • Function: shear the welded mesh to required length
    Max. Shearing width: 2000mm
    Stroke: 47n/min
    Motor power: 11KW/1430RPM, three phase 380V 50HZ
    Overall size: L×W×H= 3124×2100×1180mm
    Machine weight: 2100kg
  • 05. Mechanical wire straightening and cutting machine
  • Wire diameter: 3-5mm
    Max. Cutting length: 3m