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Cold Rolling Ribbed steel bar plant
Cold Rolling Ribbed steel bar plant
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  • Cold rolling ribbed steel bar plant

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General description:
The rolling cassette plant equipped with carbide die (cassette) instead of fixed wire drawing die, it is installed upon the straight line wire drawing machine, the cassette matched with angular cutter gear and mump lubricate system, to produce the low carbon, middle carbon and high carbon steel wire, also can produce the copper, aluminum and titanium, it increased the drawing and rolling speed.

Technical parameter:
Capstan dia. : 600mm
Incoming wire dia.: 6.5mm, 6.0mm and 5.5mm
Outgoing wire dia.: 3.5-5mm
Total compressibility: 85%
Wire roller speed: 10m/s
Single motor power: 35 KW
Capstan number: according to the inlet wire diameter and outlet wire diameter
Gear description: Angular milling gear
Lubrication of gears and bearings: Oil pump compulsion lubrication

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