• 2.5M Full Auto Mesh Welding Machine line

Automatic Wire Mesh Welding machine

Full automatic welded mesh machine line

Automatic welded mesh machine

Full automatic wire mesh welded machine

Full automatic welded mesh machine

  • 01. Introduction of 2.5m full auto mesh welding machine line
  • Both line wire coils and cross wire coils for the auto mesh welding machine are automatically straighten, cut and fed. The finished mesh is also automatically recoiled and cut. Line wires are automatically straightening, storage and feeding. Cross wires are automatically straightening, storage and feeding in the production line. Compared with ordinary reinforcing mesh welding equipment, both line wires and cross wires are fed with coils. Automatically feeding, recoil and cut and discharge the welded mesh roll which maximized save labor and greatly increased production.
  • 02. Main technical parameters of production line
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    Mesh width
    Wire diameter
    φ2.5 ~4mm
    Mesh coiling diameter≤φ4.5
    Line wire spacing
    Manual adjustment
    Cross wire spacing
    Touth scteen adjustment
    Feeding method
    Line wire
    Cross wire
    Pre-cut,fixed length feeding
    Number of welding heads
    Welding speed
    55~70 Strokes/min
    Welding pressure
    2510 ~ 4020N stepless adjustable
    Supply voltage / frequency
    Equipment motor power
    See schedule 1
    Required power transformer
    Total equipment size (approx.)
    45m(L) ×8.6m(W) ×3.2m(H)
    Total equipment weight (approx.)
  • 03.Main structural description
  • (1).Wire pay-off
  • (2).Line wire straightening and accumulator process
  • Occupy area: 5.54 m×3.3m, height: 3.08m, weight: 4250kg
  • (2.1).Line wire feeding system
  • Occupy area: 2.76 m×0.37m, height: 1.06m, weight: 400kg
    The line wire get through into the first straightening system, there is line wire broken detective here will stop the machine if the wire is broken, and machine can start work again after the machine start manually again.
  • (2.2).Line wire straightening (before accumulator)
  • The line wire straightening is composed of oblique straightening before storage and straightening after storage, and is used for straightening after line wire laying.
  • (2.3).Line wire feeding to accumulator
  • Occupy area: 3.01 m×0.44m, height: 1.33m, weight: 850kg
    Supply power to each line wire straightening and feeding and finally send the straightened wire into the accumulator. Pneumatic control.
  • (2.4).Line wire accumulator
  • Occupy area: 2.76m×1.35m, height: 3.08m, weight: 1450kg
    line wire accumulator: CNC automatic feeding and adjusting
    line wire accumulator.
    Each set can be controlled separately.
    Emergency stop switch, keep personnel and equipment away from damage.
    All pneumatic parts of the accumulator uses branded systems for easy replacement and maintenance.
    All steel structures of the accumulator is hardened using the heat treatment technical.
  • (2.5).Line wire straightening (after accumulator)
  • Occupy area: 2.76m×0.45m, height: 1.06m, weight: 600kg
    Straight the wire after accumulate.
    Each wire has 5 straightening rollers. (2 up 3 down), only straight the vertical direction.
    Up straightening roller can adjust the down press function.
    Roller size: OD 42mm, ID 24mm, thickness 12mm, weight 0.075kg
    The roller manufactured from special forming material, and has conditioning and quenching treatment to increase rub fastness.
  • (2.6).Feeding system to the mesh welding machine after accumulator
  • Occupy area: 2.76m×0.45m, height: 1.05m, weight: 600kg
  • (3).Welding mesh machine
  • Occupy area: 3.5m×1.2 m, height is 2.5m, designed weight is 6720kg
    Wire space: 100*100mm, 150*150mm, 200*200mm.
    Wire mesh welder with step less adjustable cross and line wire pitch, the line wire space is adjusted by hand; the cross wire space is adjusted by the electrical controlling cabinet.
    The welding system is designed for smooth and ribbed wire

  • (4).Mesh cutting machine
  • Occupy area: 2.8m×1m, height is 1.6m, designed weight is 2750kg
    Cut off the welded mesh into mesh panel
    Cut width: 2400mm Power: 5.5kw
  • (5).Mesh bending machine (V mold)
  • (6).Mesh stacking (Mesh blanking and convey equipment)
  • The main function of the automatic mesh stacking is to support the webs in the conveyance after the welding is completed, and the blanks that have been cut to a fixed length are superimposed, and after reaching a certain height, they are transported out by themselves. Suitable for meshes with a width of 2500mm and a length of 3040mm.
    Occupy space: 5.5m×3m, height 1.63m, weight 960kg, packing height: 500-600mm
    Auto collect the welded mesh
    There is limit sensor to control the motor stop and start.
  • (7).Mesh coiling device
  • The mesh coiling device rolls, cuts, bundles and pushes the continuously welded mesh sheet to the rolling mesh frame for lifting. The remaining chassis, rewinding mechanism, cutting device, pushing machine, rolling mesh frame and hydraulic system.
    (1) Equipment main parameters
    a, diameter of winding wire (rib): ≤Φ4.5mm;
    b. Rewinding size and weight: D ×d ×B =Φ175×Φ800×2500mm, (about) 500Kg;
    c. Motor: (440V, 51Hz,); Coiling: 3kw / 1420rpm; Rolling pressure: 0.12kw / 1300rpm; Shear: 11kw / 1460rpm; Pushing and turning the mesh (hydraulic): 2.25kw / 1420rpm;
    d. Total equipment size: L×W×H=7541×4740×2525mm;
    e. Equipment weight: 4896kg;
  • (8).Mesh collecting table
  • The mesh collecting table is a motor that drives the rollers to rotate and transport the stacked mesh. It consists of a motor reducer, a sprocket and chain transmission, a bracket and a roller. The entire conveying roller is used for (6×2.5m) 15m long conveying rollers to stack the mesh.
    (1) Equipment main parameters
    a. Motor: 1.5kw / 1300rpm, three-phase 440V / 50Hz;
    b. Speed: 20m / min;
    c. Total equipment size: L×W×H= 15000×2000×225 mm; (composed of 6 groups, 2500mm / group)
    d. Machine weight: 3000kg;
  • (9).Controlling system