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Barbed Wire Machine
Double barbed wire machine
Single barbed wire machine
Reverse twist barbed wire machine
Barbed wire forming machine
3 Strips razor barbed wire machine
5 Strips razor barbed wire machine
13 Strips razor barbed wire machine
Barbed wire
Guidance For Type Selection
Selection Guidance For Barded Wire Machine:  
  Please indicate parameters below when you ask for a quotation:


1. What is the power detail in your country?
2. What is the barbed shape? In single or in double twist? With two or four bars? What is the twisting way? In normal twist or in reverse twist?
3. What is the weight of finished coils?
4. What is the distance between the barbs?
5. What is the shape of the razor barbed tape?
6. What is the installation way?
7. How to packing?
8. What is the wire diameter for the two wire or for the center wire?
9. The surface treatment?

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