• Hydraulic Packing Press

  • Gabion mesh packing press Hydraulic packing press
  • 01. Introduction of hydraulic packing press
  • ABE-DB-10 type Hydraulic gabion mesh packing machine is designed especially to pack the gabion mesh. The machine consists of rack, pressure plate, oil cylinder, oil pump unit, tank, electrical box and so on.
    When the machine work, oil pump unit provide the pressure oil via safety valve limit the pressure and enter manual reversing valve, when manual reversing valve work on the left, pressure oil enter on the oil cylinder via piston, piston rod pull pressure plate run downwards, the down oil of the oil cylinder stream back to tank via reversing valve. When Manual reversing valve work in the middle, the up and down oil of oil cylinder will be closed by reversing valve, pressure plate can keep pressure and stay on anywhere, oil cylinder discharge loads via reversing valve, when reversing valve work on the right, pressure oil enter down part of oil cylinder pull pressure plate run upwards, the up part oil of the oil cylinder flow back to tank via reversing valve.
    Above of the oil cylinder arranges the middle device, can decrease the pressure and run to the up limit.
    Main parameter
    Nominal pressure: 80KN
    Working stroke: 700mm
    Pressure plate downwards running speed: ≥35mm/s
    Pressure plate upwards running speed: ≥50mm/s
    Machine packing size (L*W*H): 3700x24501250mm
    Packing size of gabion mesh: 200010001000mm
    Hydraulic system working pressure: 5MPa
    Hydraulic oil: 32# hydraulic oil 120KG
    Machine power: 7.5Kw