• High Speed Expanded Plate Mesh Machine

  • 01. Introduction of high speed expanded plate mesh machine
  • Expanding battery plate production line is mainly composed of decoiler, welding machine, buffer machine, pre-punching machine, expanding machine, forming machine and other equipment. Its high speed is 20 times compare with the original casting machine; Energy conservation and environmental protection, high utilization rate of raw materials, to realize the battery plate produced efficient and clean. Make plate to thin shape and meet the high ratio high discharge current requirement.

  • 02. Horizontal decoiler
  • It is composed of decoiler, strip steering device and detection unit.
    Variable frequency drive unit and electronic braking device controlled by detection unit ensures constant flow.
    Horizontal decoiling design makes the casted strip easier to be set on the decoiler.
  • 03. Buffer unit
  • It is optional. It keeps the strip expanding machine working constantly while the strip roll used out and replaced by a new one.
    Internal and external turnplate are independently driven.
    Fitted with welding machine to ensure constant strip flow and continuous production.
    Precise slewing bearings features with stable running and long service life.
    Variable frequency drive unit makes it synchronize with the expanding machine
  • 04. MPre-punching machine
  • Used to punch out the located fabrication hole on lead strip
    Rolling punch mode, stable running.
    Variable frequency speed regulation, electronic brake.
    Driven system controlled by detection unit makes it synchronize with expanding machine.
  • 04. Main parameter
  • Lead strip thickness: 0.8-1mm
    Lead strip width: 60-80mm
    Total power: 28kw
    Total weight: about 15T
    Machine layout size: 21m*10m*3m