• Accessory Machines For Wire Drawing Machine

  • 01. Wire unloading machine
  • This unit belongs to ordinary non-stop wire coiling machine which is equipped with a die box for making skin pass. The wire feeding device is lifted lower by a cylinder for easier wire set up. This machine is most idea for final process of screw wire.
    Model: ABE-600B(SKIN)
    Drawing material: Low carbon steel
    Drawing capstan dia.: 600 mm
    Wire inlet dia.: 4.6-1.8
    Wire final dia.: 4.4-1.6
    Drawing speed: MAX. 270 m/min
    Power required/Block: 25HP-20HP

    Model: ABE-700B(SKIN)
    Drawing material: Low carbon steel
    Drawing capstan dia.: 600 mm
    Wire inlet dia.: 5.5-1.8
    Wire final dia.: 5.3-1.6
    Drawing speed: MAX. 270 m/min
    Power required/Block: 25HP-20HP

  • 02. Wire straightening & cutting machine
  • Wire Straightening 
& Cutting Machine

    Mechanical wire straightening and cutting machine is mainly used to straight and cut the wire to feed in the fencing mesh welding machine that the wire diameter is small.
    Normally the mechanical type wire straightening and cutting machines are of low speed, but ANBER do some design to impreove the machine technology, so that the straightening and cutting speed can reach 80m/min.

    Model: ABE-MT3/5
    Wire Dia.: φ3-φ5mm
    Cutting length.: 1-6 m, or according to customers requirement
    Straightening ratio: ≤2 mm/m
    Max. speed : 80m/min
    Cutting tolerance: 5 mm
    Total power: 3kw
    Overall size: 12004201200mm

    Model: ABE-MT4/8
    Wire Dia.: φ4-φ8mm
    Cutting length.: 1-6 m, or according to customers requirement
    Straightening ratio: ≤2 mm/m
    Max. speed : 80m/min
    Cutting tolerance: 5 mm
    Total power: 4 kw
    Overall size: 12004201200mm
  • 03.Well type annealing furnace
  • Main parameter:

    Motor: 60 KW, 380 V, 3 phase
    Rated temperature: 950oC
    Connecting form: YY
    Heating area:2
    Vacant furnace power comsumption:18KW
    Vacant furance temperature rising time: 3.5 hours
    Max. load: 1100kg
    Stock bin size: O800*1600 mm
    Overall size:2000*2000*2500 mm

  • 04.Wire descaling machine
  • Main parameter:

    Max. wire dia.: φ8 mm
    Capstan dia.: φ600 mm
    Descaling speed: 150 m/min
    Capstan rotation speed: 80 rpm
    Wire speed: 77.5 mm/min
    Motor: Y-160M-6-7.5 KW
    Reducer: JZQ-400i=23.34
    Weight:3000 kg
    Overall size: 3130*1080*1020 mm
  • 05.Wire pointing machine
  • This wire pointing machine is a kind of wire head roller and is suitable for rolling soft wire and mid-carbon wire 13m/m in diameter. It is also called tip roller, wire pointer. The operation of this machine is very simple and convenient.
    Model: ABE-3
    Finished wire dia.: φ0.8-φ3
    R.P.M: 58
    Power required:1/2HP
    Model: ABE-6
    Finished wire dia.: φ1.5-φ5.5
    R.P.M: 64
    Power required:2HP
    Model: ABE-13
    Finished wire dia.: φ5-φ13
    R.P.M: 43
    Power required:5HP

    Model: ABE-25
    Finished wire dia.: φ13.5-φ25
    R.P.M: 29
    Power required: 7.5HP/1HP
    Model: ABE-36
    Finished wire dia.: φ24.5-φ36
    R.P.M: 24
    Power required: 15HP/2HP
  • 06.Spooler take-up
  • Wire Spooler take-up can coil the wire layer by layer, the coiled wire will be tight and no chaos.
    Take-up Material: Low, medium or high carbon steel, stainless steel or other non-ferrous
    Model: BN-800
    Spooler Size: 800X400X500(ODXIDXW)
    Wire Inlet Dia.: 3.0-0.8
    Working speed: 400 M/Min-800 M/Min
    Power required/capstan: 30 HP/1HP
    Model: BN-500
    Spooler Size: 630X355X400(ODXIDXW)
    Wire Inlet Dia.: 1.2-0.7
    Working speed: 400 M/Min-600 M/Min
    Power required/capstan: 15 HP/1 HP

  • 07.Discharging machine

  • Model NO.: ABE-LFX001
    Max. hoisting capacity: 500 kg
    Lift distance: 2650 mm
    Lift speed: 2650 mm
    Beam over handing distance: 1230 mm
    Motor power: 2.2 KW
    Total weight: 600 kg
    Model NO.: ABE-LFX002
    Max. hoisting capacity: 350 kg
    Lift distance: 2500 mm
    Lift speed: 2500 mm
    Beam over handing distance: 1085 mm
    Motor power: 1.1 KW
    Total weight: 300 kg
  • 08.Butt welding machine
  • This butt welding machine, which is also called butt welder, is mainly used for butt welding(joint) of frame wire. Its performance: Convenient operation, materail saving and stable performance.

    Model: UN-1-4
    Welding range: φ0.8-φ3 (Copper), φ1-φ4 (Iron)
    Power: 3KW
    Model: UN-2-6.5
    Welding range: φ4 (Copper), φ2-φ6.5 (Iron)
    Power: 5KW
    Model: UN-3-8
    Welding range: φ5 (Copper), φ3-φ8 (Iron)
    Power: 7KW
    Model: UN-4-10
    Welding range: φ6 (Copper), φ4-φ10 (Iron)
    Power: 10KW
    Model: UN-10-14
    Welding range: φ8 (Copper), φ10-φ14 (Iron)
    Power: 25KW

  • 09.lubricate applicator

Adjustable wire clamp


Drawing powder applicator


High quality lubricant applicator


Lubricant applicator


Powder clamp

  • Specifications
    Lube Applicator is very easy to use. It is simply to be clamped on to the wire in the die box, thus avoiding the cumbersome process of threading.
    1. simple structure, easy operation and flexible motion
    2. Prevent wire scratching
    3. Increase wire drawing die life
    4. Higher speed
    5. Reduce wire breaks
    6. Uniform surface finish
    Weight: 2.5kg
    Size: 200*100*68mm

  • 10.Rotary die box

  • The rotary die box includes a lubrication box and a mold box. Lubricant powder is contained in the lubrication box. The mold box is provided with a drawing die rotating device, and a drawing die is arranged in the mold box. The wire drawing die is between the top wire and the hollow shaft. The rotation of the hollow shaft can drive the wire drawing die to rotate together, thereby avoiding the excessive damage to a point or a region of the inner surface of the drawing die due to the uneven shape of the wire surface or the hard particles on the surface. This makes wear on the inner surface of the drawing die very uniform. The life of the wire drawing die is improved, and the quality of the produced product is more stable.

  • 11.Borax (pretreatment) production line
  • Flow chart:
    Mechanical peeling & derusting unit → Steel wire ball strong force cleaning up unit → Electroanalysis pickling unit → Heating water channel → unit Boron coating unit → Drying unit