• Casting And Rolling Battery Plate Production Line

  • 01. Introduction of casting and rolling battery plate production line
  • This production line is casting and rolling battery plate production line, is the most auto battery plate machinery.
  • 02. Its main structure
  • Material bin - lead molten furnace - forming - cooling - rolling - battery plate formed.
  • 03. Characteristic
  • 1. High quality: compare with single casting technology, the plate after rolling is more tenacity, and longer service life. There is pressure pits on the rolling plates which reinforce the Accumulator capacity of the battery plate.
    2. High automation: full auto operated, equipped with sensor to check the speed and temperature, reduced the human cost.
    3. Improve productivity: 100-300 panels per minute.
    4. Pro-environment: sealing gas processing device, and the full line is pollution-free.