• Wire Drawing Production Line

  • 01. Introduction of wire drawing production line
  • Wire drawing machine for low carbon, high carbon, alloyed, stainless steel wire. The machine can be equipped with mechanical descaling equipment, uncoiler and take up devices of different types, other accessory machines and devices.

    Cold rolling cassette
    OTO type wire drawing line
    Cold rolling cassette
    OTO type wire drawing line
    Vertical type wire drawing machine

  • 02. Introduction of annealing wire drawing production line
  • Annealing wire drawing process 1:
    1. Un-coiler----uncoil the wire
    2. Wire desaling machine----remove the dust and rust from the wire
    3. Dry wire drawing machine-----draw wire from 6mm to 2.7mm (6mm →5.1mm→4.3mm→3.7mm→3.2mm→2.7mm)
    4. 3 tanks annealing furnace-----heat the wire to 700°C for 6 hours, and don't open the cover in the heating process
    5. Water wire drawing machine (9 moulds) -----after the wire has been cooled around 6~10 hours, then draw it to 1.2mm~1.4mm in the water wire drawing machine
    6. Discharging machine-----load down the wire coil
    7. Heating-----heat the wire for 4 hours to make it softer
    Annealing wire drawing process 2:
    Draw the wire continuously as in the follqing picture.
    annealing wire drawing line