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Eight-column 3000T Hydraulic Press Machine
Description of hydraulic press machine for security door
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  • Hydraulic press machine for security door

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  • Eight column hydraulic press machine

Structure of the machine is three-beams and eight-column. The three beams are welded by good steel plate with aging treatment to eliminate the welding stress. Material of the main cylinder is 35 forging material, cylinder plunger is chilled cast iron, hardness is above HRC45. Material of eight column is 45# steel, HBS255-275, more than HRC55.
The whole system uses cartridge valve with the features of simple structure and no leakage of action. The system has good radiation capability to meet high pressure and big flow conditions, and can reduce the reactive power loss at high limit.
Wearing part of press machine: PU, solenoid valve, filter, mould and connection element.
Main technical parameters:
1.) Normal force: 30000KN
2.) Return force: 435KN
3.) Stroke of slide: 500mm
4.) Max. pressure of main cylinder: 25Mpa
5.) Max. opening degree: 600mm
6.) Stroke speed of slide
a. Descent: 100-120mm/s
b. Working pressing: 7-12mm/s
c. Return: 100-120mm/s
7.) Dimension of working table: 1500X2500 mm
8.) Main motor power: 30KWX2=60KW
9.) Plunger type cylinder: ZSG500 X500 X6
10.) Column: 265mm X 4pcs, 195mm X 4pcs
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