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Highway guardrails powder coating line
Main parameter of Highway guardrails powder coating line:

Guardrail fence powder coating line Highway guardrails PVC coating line
Description of highway guardrails fluidized bed coating line:

This Powder Coating Line is used to provide an anti-corrosive surface treatment for highway guardrails, guardrail fence, guardrail barrier, highway guardrail fence, highway guardrail barrier. As one kind of safety security, the finished products are great to be fencing for highway, railway, airport and so on.
Process flow of fence sheet powder coating line:
Manual feeding - Pre-heating - Auto powder immersion - Curing - Coated workpiece cooling - Manual discharging - Manual shaping correction - Quality control - Final package
Composition of a complete powder coating line:
(1) Auto eletrical pre-heating & curing furnace;
(2) Auto coating powder up-and-down device, vibration generator, fluidized bed;
(3) Hanging delivery system, special hanger for workpiece;
(4) Power supply control equipment, auto program control.

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